Sensorineural, conductive and mixed are the three main types of hearing loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss occurs when there is nerve damage to the inner ear.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is damage or blockage to the ear.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Mixed Hearing Loss occurs when there is nerve damage to the inner ear but also problems with the structure of the ear.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

The cochlea part of the inner ear consists of tiny little hair cells that respond to the sound around us. Over time and with age the number of hair cells in our ears reduces or stop functioning, resulting in a hearing loss.
It is usually the high frequencies that are affected first and that is why the older you get the more you might struggle to hear birds singing or when someone is at the door. Age related hearing loss is known as presbycusis and hearing aids can help you to regain clarity at the frequencies that you can no longer hear.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss is when there is a barrier to the sound being transferred to the nerves of hearing. This type of hearing loss can occur with damage due to infection or can be self-inflicted. If you regularly push cotton buds into your ears, for example, there is a risk of perforating the eardrum.
With a hole in the eardrum, the sound can’t transfer through to the inner ear efficiently and therefore, needs to be much louder in order to be heard. Hearing aids may be suitable if you have a dry perforation and quite often small perforations can heal naturally. If you feel your hearing is reduced due to ear wax blocking your ears, it is safer to get your ears cleaned by Microsuction.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Mixed hearing losses occur due to a combination of nerve damage and structural issues. If you are regularly exposed to loud noise, this can result in damage to the hair cells in the inner ear leaving you with a sensorineural element to your hearing loss. If at the same time you were to experience acoustic trauma due to a sudden burst in sound from e.g. a loudspeaker, you may also end up with a hole or perforation in your drum. This combination results in a mixed hearing loss. For this reason, it is always safer to prevent premature hearing loss by using ear protection.


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My consultation and resulting micro suction procedure in both ears was both a revelation and a huge relief! I had a camera in each ear which meant I was able to see (via laptop) the inside of my ears and where the wax build up was, so by the time the procedure began I knew exactly what was about to happen. In my case it wasn’t just a question of wax in my ears but the shape of my ear canals and the discrepancy between thickness of my ear drums! Most enlightening and professional.. I will certainly be keeping on top of my ear health now! Thank you Hafiza!

Y. Ellis

Music producer and audio engineer

Doreen O'Hara

I was reviewed by Hafiza from Pinnaclear in a thorough, excellent and professional manner. The procedure I needed was microsuctioning which wax explained to me in a detailed and reassuring way and the action itself felt gentle and tolerable. Not used to being in the 'patient role' the experience overall was positive and I would be happy to return and recommend Pinnaclear to others-thank you Hafiza!

Doreen O' Hara

Interior Designer (part time nurse)


In my line of work sound is obviously a big part of it but I needed a custom solution to help protect my ears. Thanks to the knowledge at Pinnaclear I have the best ear protection for me all at a great price. A must for anyone in my line of work.


Sound Engineer

Brian C

Superb service as Hafiza came to my home and arranged everything around me. Makes life so much easier, why can't everything health related be so simple. A big thank you from me.

Brian C


Samantha M

Thanks to the excellent service Hafiza provides I now have the perfect ear procection for all types of events no matter how loud the music gets!

Samantha M



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