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Struggling with stubborn earwax?

Trust your local senior audiologist to remove any stubborn earwax safely and professionally, using microsuction. Microsuction is the ‘gold standard’ for the removal of stubborn earwax. At PinnaClear, the senior audiologist has several years experience in the NHS and private sectors so you are in safe hands.  The quickest and easiest way is to book your appointment online. We have same day and late appointments available and are insured to see adults and children. In some cases, we may also be able to arrange earwax removal at home. Prices start from £50. 

Microsuction earwax removal should only be performed by trained professionals. At PinnaClear, Hafiza has a number of years of clinical practice and is fully insured to see adults and children. 

Signs that you may have excessive earwax

Our bodies naturally produce earwax and dispels any excess earwax to the edge of the ear which can be wiped. However, sometimes the body produces more than we can manage ourselves and this is when a trained earwax removal specialist can help. Therefore, earwax management is usually only required when it is causing a problem. Signs of too much earwax includes:

If you are struggling with a blocked ear or reduced hearing due to earwax, it is best to get your ears examined by a trained audiologist straight away. If you are not sure and want to talk to an audiologist first, get in touch. Avoid putting anything like cotton buds inside your ears as this is likely to make things worse and cause impacted earwax. 

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What happens during earwax removal?

At PinnaClear we are trained and accredited to perform microsuction safely. If you have any questions before attending you can get in touch and speak directly to the audiologist. Unlike most places, at PinnaClear in Urmston the procedure is performed on a medical bed so that it is more comfortable for you.

1. Your audiologist will first examine your ears for wax and overall health.  

2. The audiologist will complete a medical questionnaire with you. It is important that a medical history is obtained so that the audiologist can assess your suitability and advise you accurately on any risks that might come with performing the procedure.

3. The audiologist will then explain the procedure to you in detail, so that you understand what will happen. You will then be given a consent form to review. 

4. Once you have understood the procedure and granted consent the procedure will be performed. The audiologist will be wearing a set of loupes that will allow them to observe the ear during the procedure.

5. Once the procedure is complete, the audiologist will examine your ears and advise you on the next steps.  

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what is the most common method for earwax removal?

Microsuction earwax removal

Microsuction involves safely drawing out any earwax using a suction probe. The audiologist will use a magnifier to  look in the ears and gently vacuum excessive earwax out. 

Learn more about microsuction earwax removal.

Ear Syringing
Ear syringing involves using a pressurised system to flush the wax out of the ear. Unlike microsuction, the procedure is performed ‘blind’ and is regraded less safe than microsuction.
Read more about here syringing  here. 
Earwax Removal Faqs

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Earwax Removal

Microsuction earwax removal is the removal of stubborn earwax using a suction device. The procedure is performed by trained professionals and involves wearing some magnifiers to make it easier to view the wax and eardrum. 

For most people softening the wax as you would f or syringing isn't necessary. If you have no pre-existing medical conditions or issues using olive oil then using a softening agent can make the procedure more comfortable, particularly if the wax is stuck against the earcanal. 

The current charges at PinnaClear are £50 to £70, depending on the location and whether it is one or both ears that need cleaning. Home visits vary depending on the distance needing to be travelled. 

As with any medical procedure, there are always risks involved. These risks  are minimised  by providing an accurate medical history and booking in with an experienced, fully trained professional. 

The main difference is the level of training and experience. Quite often, the staff at Specsavers are minimally trained as hearcare assistants or hearing aid dispensers and will usually work off a checklist. At PinnaClear, all services are offered by a senior audiologist with several years of NHS and private audiology work. 

Olive oil ear drops can help to soften any ear wax so that it can naturally work its way out. If there is too much earwax or the wax is hard and impacted against the ear drum, the olive oil will soften the wax and help with professional microsuction ear wax removal.

There is a misconception that hopi ear candles help to draw wax out of the ears, however, several studies have shown that this is not the case and instead hopi candles leave residue inside the ears, increasing risk of infection. There is also an increased risk of burning the ear with incorrectly performed procedures. This is also an unregulated procedure which means the risks can vary greatly. 

The skin inside our ears is very sensitive and cotton buds peel away at the protective layer in our ears. If there is wax it can become impacted as you push wax deeper against the ear drum. This can reduce your hearing and cause pressure inside your ears. 

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