Ear Protection

Do i need earplugs?

Have you thought about getting earplugs to block out your noisy neighbours? Do you often get water blocked in your ears after you’ve been swimming? Are you looking for a peaceful night’s sleep? At PinnaClear we have a number of different type of earplugs for various reasons-not just for musicians. 

Custom Ear protection made in Manchester

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Earplugs for musicians

Custom made ear protection specifically designed for musicians come with different filter levels and help to attenuate noise levels to suit you. Enjoy what you do for longer, without the risk of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Earplugs for swimming

Swim plugs prevent water from entering your ears and reduce the risk of infection, especially if you have a perforated ear drum. They come in bright colours so you can find them easily.

Earplugs for better sleep

Does your partner snore? Are you feeling restless because the snoring is keeping you awake at night? With custom made snore plugs you can finally get a good night’s sleep without the irritation of foam ones falling out of your ears.

Earplugs for festivals, gigs and concerts

If you regularly attend music venues and notice a ringing in your ears, it is a sign that your hearing is being affected. Still hear the music but with the knowledge that your ears are protected with some custom made long-lasting noise barrier earplugs.

Earplugs for dentists

If you are a dentist, dental therapist or dental hygienist and you have noticed ringing in your ears or difficulty hearing certain sounds, this may be a result of the noisy tools you work with. Preserve your hearing with some custom made earplugs.

Custom Earphones

Do you feel your earphones fall our of your ears? We can make custom earphones allowing a better fit and a better listening experience. 

Custom earplugs for motorcyclists

If you ride a motorcycle you will be aware of how loud the environmental noise can get. To protect your ears from noise exposure you can wear custom earplugs.

Why choose Pinnaclear for earplugs?

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Earwax and earplugs

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