Hearing Aid Fitting

What to expect during your hearing aid fitting.

Just as your fingerprint is unique, so are your ears and the way they carry sound. A hearing aid fitting that accounts for the differences in the shape of our ears and their position on our heads makes it more personal to you. That is why we perform Real Ear Measurements (REMS); It allows us to give you the right prescription for your level of hearing.

Hearing aid fitting with Real Ear Measurements involves placing a tube inside your ear in order to measure sound levels while your hearing aid is in-situ. All you need to do is sit relatively still and face a speaker during the procedure. The hearing aid fitting levels are then checked to ensure that you are happy with the sound and loudness.

Hearing Aid Fitting

It takes time to adjust to hearing aids. This is known as the acclimatisation period. 

Is your Audiologist performing real ear measurements?

A personalised hearing loss treatment plan can get you back on track and enjoying life to the fullest.