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“Did you know that it takes people on average ten years before taking action on their hearing loss? There are also studies to show the risks of cognitive decline with an increase in hearing loss. At PinnaClear, I want to help people make the decision to take action sooner.”

Hafiza Choonara, Senior Audiologist.

Excellent Care

We're dedicated to providing an excellent service

Hafiza is a senior audiologist and hearing aid dispenser with almost 20 years of experience working within the NHS and private sector. This has given Hafiza the familiarity of different personal and working practices in all areas of audiology. At PinnaClear her main focus is providing person centred care and treating each patient as unique as their fingerprint. 


Registered with the British Academy of Audiology BAA 3425
Registered with the Council for Clinical Physiologists 5522
Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council HAD02801

Education Background

First Class BSc (Hons) in Audiology
Fully trained in microsuction earwax removal
Trained in behavioural therapy for tinnitus
Trained in vestibular rehabilitation for balance patients


Why choose PinnaClear?

Holistic Ear Care

Hafiza has a passion for ear health and keeping up with the latest in hearing aid technology. With almost 20 years experience, Hafiza is keen to offer an all-round service having completed courses in microsuction ear wax removal, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for tinnitus, Deafness in the 21st Century and Advanced Vestibular (balance) Rehabilitation.

independent business

Whilst appreciating what the NHS has to offer she understands the limitations and this led to the development of PinnaClear, where each day her mission is to help you hear better.

Being independent means that Hafiza can spend the time required to tailor your ear care to you without the added pressure of targets.


Hafiza has experience of BSc. Audiology assessment from a clinical perspective and has worked closely with many students over the years. More recently, her work has taken her to Nepal to teach local ear care workers at The Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara.

Rediscover the joy of clear haering with our exceptional hearing aid service

Hear better, live better!

At PinnaClear Ear Care, we’re committed to bringing the world of sound back into your life. Our cutting-edge hearing aid solutions are more than just devices – they’re your bridge to a world filled with vibrant conversations, delightful melodies, and cherished moments. Say hello to a life where every word, every laugh, and every song comes alive with clarity.

Advanced technology

Our state-of-the-art hearing aids are designed for comfort and discretion, no matter the setting.

Personalised Solutions

Hafiza, our expert audiologist takes the time to understand your unique needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Rechargeable Options

No more fiddly batteries to change, with a range of custom and RIC rechargeable hearing aids.


Expert ongoing support, adjustments, and guidance to ensure that your hearing aid delivers the best results over time


Like listening to music or talking with family on the phone? Now you can stream directly to your phone.

Flexible appointments

We understand that you might not always be able to make it to clinic, so offer home visits to those less mobile.


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We show compassion during consultations

At PinnaClear, we understand taking that first step might be an overwhelming process.

Patient first

Patients come first. We are always ready to help!

We pride ourselves on patient centred care. We are here to facilitate your decision making.

Our features

Clear your path to better hearing with our audiology treatments

Hearing aids

At PinnaClear, we only offer premium hearing aids. This is so that we know we are offering you the best of the best. There are cheaper hearing aids available but why compromise on quality? We also don't offer any hearing aids that have lower technology levels than that available on the NHS.

earwax removal

At PinnaClear, we offer microsuction earwax removal. Hafiza is fully trained and insured in this gold standard in earwax management. It is also possible to see children above the age of two. 

Tinnitus Rehabilitation

Tinnitus is a complicated topic and there are lots of unregulated and unresearched methods of management. One of the most beneficial is behavioural therapy. Hafiza can complete an initial assessment to find out if you are suitable for this type of tinnitus treatment. 

Vertigo Rehabilitation

At PinnaClear we can offer you rehabilitation for certain balance condition. The initial step would be a thorough assessment to see if you are suitable and whether we can help.  

We have expertise in handling different types of patients

With several years experience and training in different specialities, we have your needs covered.

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