How does AGE RELATED hearing loss affect us as we get older?

Just as your sight naturally deteriorates, so does your hearing. Age related hearing loss can begin at fifty years old and commonly affects the high frequencies of hearing first. This type of hearing loss is called Presbycusis.

 It is quite easy to think that your hearing is OK for a lot longer than it is and here’s why:-

Do your friends and family keep saying that you can’t hear? Remember, if you are turning the TV up and they have normal hearing, they will start to see the signs. They may also be raising their voice in order for you to hear better. 

Having a hearing loss can also be quite tiring especially if you are having to focus on what is being said. You might find that in the evening you are tired and find it harder to hear. For some people, this can result in headaches. If this is paired with a significant sight problem the difficulty can make communication even harder.



Difficulty on the phone

With a age related hearing loss you will rely on facial expressions and some lip-reading, this may cause a problem on the phone.

Difficulty with the TV

With the addition of accents and background music, watching the TV can be difficult, especially if you have a sight problem too.

Difficulty understanding speech

It is quite common to miss the beginnings and ends of sentences and words and find it particularly difficult in background noise.

Difficulty hearing birds

Age related hearing loss usually affects the high frequencies making it difficult to hear bird song.

Difficulty hearing alarms

With a high frequency hearing loss, you may struggle to hear your alarm ringing.

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