The Ear-How We Hear Sound

The Ear as a Sensory Organ

1 The Outer Ear

The ear or pinna funnels sound waves from the air, through the ear canal or auditory meatus.

Wax often builds up in the outer ear and whilst wax is quite normal, it can become an issue when impacted. Hearing aids can also whistle due to wax build up. Pinnaclear can remove the wax under direct observation by microsuction​.

2 The Middle Ear

Sound travels through the air and hits the ear drum or tympanic membrane, causing it to vibrate. Behind the ear drum are the ossicles, commonly known as the hammer anvil and stirrup.

Glue ear is common in the middle ear, this might require ENT intervention, however if untreatable you may be left with a hearing loss that needs hearing aids​. Pinnaclear can advise on the best options for you.

3 The Inner Ear

In the inner ear you have the cochlea and semicicular canals. The cochlear has a special frequency organisation which allows us to hear high frequency sounds differently to low frequency sounds. The semicircular canals allow us to remain balanced.

Age related hearing loss and noise induced hearing loss both affect the inner ear. Let PinnaClear give you back some clarity with our range of hearing aid options.


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