We live in an increasingly noisy environment but the general hubbub of noise around us isn’t usually damaging to our ears. We rely on little hair cells in the cochlea part of the inner ear to convert sound into electrical impulses and when we are exposed to louder noise than our ears can handle, the hair cells are damaged resulting in a hearing loss and quite often tinnitus, too. Therefore, when sound exceeds normal listening levels for a considerable length of time, it can have irreversible effects on our inner ear.

Loud noise can include industrial noise such as that from heavy machinery, however, employers should be providing ear protection for anyone at risk in a work environment. Recreational noise such as clay pigeon shooting can also lead to damaging effects. If you are a musician, then it is likely that you are also exposed to damaging levels of noise.  Sudden noises can also lead to acoustic trauma. This is often the case for those in the military where sounds such as a gun-shot or a blast causes a sudden loss of hearing and often a perforated ear drum. Dentists or dental hygienists may also be at risk of noise induced hearing loss and associated tinnitus, due to prolonged use of drills.

How to prevent noise related hearing loss.

Decibel is a measure of sound level and normal conversation is around 60dB. An alarm clock ringing can reach around 80dB. Anything above 85dB is classed as harmful. Motorcycles can reach around 120dB.

The main considerations are:

  1. Limit your exposure to loud sounds
  2. Turn down personal listening devices or get some custom made ear pieces to connect to your existing ear phones for a clearer listening experience.
  3. Wear ear protection Find out more

If you feel you have been exposed to loud noise and would like a hearing test or tinnitus assessment. Get in touch with us today

Does your partner snore? We also offer snore plugs

Do you want to focus on revision but have noisy neighbours? We can make custom earplugs

Don’t want to get water in your ears? We also make custom swim plugs.

Protecting your ears is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Get in touch

We will arrange an appointment to check your ears are healthy and clear of wax

2. Impression taking

We will discuss your ear protection options and take impressions of your ears

3. Fitting

We can either send the new ear protection directly to you or advise you on how best to insert the moulds one-to-one.


Here are some of our customer testimonials...

My consultation and resulting micro suction procedure in both ears was both a revelation and a huge relief! I had a camera in each ear which meant I was able to see (via laptop) the inside of my ears and where the wax build up was, so by the time the procedure began I knew exactly what was about to happen. In my case it wasn’t just a question of wax in my ears but the shape of my ear canals and the discrepancy between thickness of my ear drums! Most enlightening and professional.. I will certainly be keeping on top of my ear health now! Thank you Hafiza!

Y. Ellis

Music producer and audio engineer

I was reviewed by Hafiza from Pinnaclear in a thorough, excellent and professional manner. The procedure I needed was microsuctioning which wax explained to me in a detailed and reassuring way and the action itself felt gentle and tolerable. Not used to being in the 'patient role' the experience overall was positive and I would be happy to return and recommend Pinnaclear to others-thank you Hafiza!

Doreen O' Hara

Interior Designer (part time nurse)

In my line of work sound is obviously a big part of it but I needed a custom solution to help protect my ears. Thanks to the knowledge at Pinnaclear I have the best ear protection for me all at a great price. A must for anyone in my line of work.


Sound Engineer

Superb service as Hafiza came to my home and arranged everything around me. Makes life so much easier, why can't everything health related be so simple. A big thank you from me.

Brian C


Thanks to the excellent service Hafiza provides I now have the perfect ear procection for all types of events no matter how loud the music gets!

Samantha M



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