Jaw Pain or TMD? Here is how an audiologist can help.

Jaw Pain or Temporomandibular Disorder.

Jaw pain or temporomandibular disorder (TMD) can be caused by several factors. Booking an assessment with your dentist is a good place to start, particularly if it is a longstanding issue. For some people the pain is temporary and using over the counter pain relief can easily alleviate the problem. For others, the dentist may decide that a mouth guard or bite splint is required, especially if you are grinding your teeth at night. A hot or cold press, again on the advice of a physiotherapist or your dentist may be an option. There are links to stress and tension in the jaw and subsequently, it may also be necessary to perform gentle mouth and jaw exercises. Click here for some gentle jaw exercises. However, there is an alternative to mouth guards called Cerezen. Cerezen devices fit neatly inside the ears and can be worn throughout the day. Unlike mouth guards you can keep them in whilst eating and talking. A01_pinnaclear_cerezen

So how exactly can an audiologist help?

While your dentist will assess your suitability for Cerezen, an audiologist will need to take ear impressions. The audiologist will first ask you a few questions regarding the health of your ears, any allergies and determine whether you are suitable for ear impressions. On examination, if you have ear wax this will need to be removed before impressions can be taken. The audiologist at PinnaClear can perform ear wax removal by microsuction. Providing the ears are healthy, impressions are taken using putty material similar to that used by dentists. Once the impression sets, they are sent to the Cerezen mould lab to be processed. Your dental practice will then arrange an appointment to show you how to insert them. ear impression

How can I book for Cerezen ear impressions?

First your dentist needs to assess your suitability for the device and make a referral for ear impressions. Once your suitability is confirmed, you can either come to a PinnaClear location or you can be seen at your dental practice for impressions. If your dentist doesn’t offer the Cerezen device it may be possible to be seen by a dentist that does. We work with the following dentists and take impressions for them.


Wood and Wolfstein Dental


Parkfield Dental


Cheadle Heath Dental Practice


The Fold Dentistry