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Just as your hearing test is unique, so are your ears and the way they carry sound. We perform Real Ear Measurements (REMs) to assess the way sound travels through your ear and formulate a unique prescription based on your hearing test results. The hearing aids are then adjusted in-situ based on this prescription.

We may also perform other tests such as speech testing to see how the hearing aids are performing. The settings are then checked to ensure you are happy.

Rems are performed by placing a small tube inside your ears. Sound is then played through a speaker both with and without your hearing aids in place. The audiologist can assess the performance of the hearing aids against your prescription and adjust the hearing aid levels at various frequencies until we get the sound right for you. This means that the hearing aids will be working optimally for you. Remember though, it takes time to adjust to hearing aids and are not a replacement for your natural hearing.


Many hearing aid professionals are untrained or skip this important step. Is your Audiologist performing real ear measurements? Learn more about our hearing aids (link to hearing aids page). Get in touch to find out more or book today  for a personalised approach to your ear care needs.


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