GN Resound ONE: An exciting and unique new hearing aid.

Welcome to the latest GN Resound hearing aid: GN Resound ONE. An exciting reveal as it is another one of a kind hearing aid product on the market. Why? Unlike other mini receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) hearing aids, the GN Resound ONE has a microphone as well as the receiver placed inside the ear- the M&RIE receiver. This is important because our ears (pinna) play an important role. Their position on our heads allows sound to be picked up and funnelled like a trumpet. The sound then moves to our hearing nerves and on to our brain to process. Therefore, a M&RIE receiver can mimic more closely the way your ears would organically pick up sound. Learn more about hearing aid styles here.

GN Resound ONE microphone and receiver

GN ReSound One M&RIE Hearing Aid

Features of GN Resound One

  1. Three microphones over the more commonly available two, resulting in better sound quality, speech understanding and localisation of sound.
  2. Better wind noise reduction due to the microphone placement in the ear.
  3. Binaural beamforming, which is the ability of the hearing aids to work together and adapt in different noise situations.
  4. Ultrafocus of speech in a one to one setting, targeting the sound in front of you.
  5. A fast processing chip which means your hearing aids quicker to analyse the sounds that it is processing.

GN Resound ONE is available as a battery operated hearing aid (size 312 hearing aid batteries) or as rechargeable hearing aids. The associated charger provides fast charging and is a better option for those of you that might struggle to change batteries due to limited dexterity.

GN Resound 3D App and Remote Care

Pandemic times has steamrolled remote healthcare into action so you don’t have to attend a clinic. GN Resound offers fantastic, well-performing apps to help you take control of your ear care and hearing aids Through the apps you can also arrange remote hearing aid care from the comfort of your home. With Resound Assist Live, your audiologist can book a live session and fine-tune your hearing aids in-situ. Resound Assist also allows your audiologist to send you settings based on your requests to your smartphone, which you can then pair to your hearing aids.

GN Resound One and legacy products Resound Enzo Q, Resound Linx Quattro, Resound Enzo 3D and Resound Linx 3D all work with the Resound 3D app. The app allows you to manage volume levels, add custom and favourite settings, monitor battery levels, find your lost hearing aids and more. With a compatible phone, it is also possible to directly stream audio to your phone. 

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