GN ReSound

Just like a fingerprint.
Each person’s hearing is one of a kind.

GN Resound is a Danish company that was established in 1943. They have developed many of the ‘world’s firsts’, such as iPhone compatible hearing aids and their very latest in hearing aid technology: the Resound One. The Resound One’s uniqueness derives from it being the only one of its kind to have the microphone and receiver sitting in the ear (M&RIE). This means that the hearing aid can mimic how your ear would organically respond to sound. It boasts three microphones and greater listening advantage because of it.

GN Resound One aid standard and rechargeable

GN ReSound ONE

A new type of hearing aid that enables you to hear in your unique way.

ReSound ONE uses your own ear anatomy and an additional microphone in your ears to give a natural and individual sound experience.

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