The Essential Festival Packing List

Get that festival glitter out, those wellington boots packed and your costumes ready, festival season is here for yet another year. Whether it is Glastonbury, V festival, Bestival, Boomtown or Shambala, check out this essential festival packing list and you are well on your way to creating that amazing memory .  

The Essential Festival Packing List

  1. Tent a good waterproof one is the right idea and if you’ve never set one up before, have a go in your garden or get some tips beforehand
  2. Sleeping bag with pillows and blanket you might want an extra blanket, even in the summer it can get pretty cold at night
  3. Fleece/jumper for that extra bit of warmth
  4. Waterproof jacket we are in the UK after all
  5. Socks I don’t know about you, but cold feet are the worst
  6. Wellington boots or waterproof boots it isn’t a festival without a bit of mud
  7. Wipes these will be a godsend
  8. Alcogel hygiene first guys, those toilets can get pretty grubby
  9. Tissue roll a given
  10. Sunscreen protect and protect, you will most likely be outdoors in a lot of sun for a long time
  11. Medication/Contraception stay healthy, stay safe
  12. Clothes you really don’t want to be wearing the same things the entire time
  13. Drinks go environmentally friendly and think about a refillable bottle
  14. Power bank for those hundreds of snaps you’ll want to take. 
  15. Torch or head lamp this is going to be pretty useful
  16. Camping stool just for a bit of added comfort
  17. Camping stove and gas if you are planning to cook check you have enough gas to keep you going 
  18. Snacks you’re going to get peckish and you might not want to pay a fiver for a packet of crisps
  19. Cash/cards stay vigilant though, not everyone at a festival is your friend

And FINALLY…Number 20. Ear Protection.

You are going to be exposed to some pretty loud music at a festival, particularly if you like standing near the front and near the speakers. A person can listen to around 85dB of sound without too much of a detrimental effect on hearing but the moment you exceed that (and some areas of a festival will), you risk damaging your hearing. The first sign of hearing loss can be tinnitus or ringing in the ears, which again most of us will have experienced after being in a loud environment. Hearing loss due to noise exposure is termed noise induced hearing loss.

Preserve and protect your hearing with ear protection from PinnaClear.

These ACS Pacato 16 or ACS Pacato 19 high fidelity universal ear protection are only £13.99. These reduce the sound by either 16dB or 19dB and give you a relatively flat response, making music more enjoyable. Make sure you insert them correctly though, as any gaps will mean sound will get through making them less effective.

Alternatively, these Etymotic ER20s reduce the sound a little more at 20dB. They are available in a standard (blue) or large size (white).


If you want something a little more customised and longer lasting then we have a range of other ear protection options.