impacted earwax

Earwax Blockage

Earwax (cerumen) build-up occurs when the ears produce an excessive amount of earwax and can't naturally get rid of it. Earwax is actually a part of the ears defence system, it helps to protect our ears.

If you regularly use hearing aids, cotton buds or even earphones, the risks of impacted earwax increases. As we get older, the structure of the skin changes and this can also mean more earwax production. For some of us, genetics plays a part and we produce more earwax because of it. 

Microsuction earwax removal should only be performed by trained professionals. At PinnaClear, Hafiza has a number of years of clinical practice and is fully insured to see adults and children. 

Why do I produce more earwax?

It is normal to produce earwax, some of us just produce more than others. This can occur for a number of reasons. If you're unsure, you can get in touch with PinnaClear for a trained senior audiologist to examine your ears. You are at risk of producing more earwax if:

If you are struggling with impacted earwax, it is best to get your ears examined by a trained audiologist straight away. If you are not sure and want to talk to an audiologist first, get in touch

What are the symptoms of impacted earwax?

  1. Earache
  2. Fullness in the ear
  3. Hearing Loss
  4. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) 
  5. Itchy ears

Can I get rid of impacted earwax? myself?

If you have a lot of wax in your ears it is unlikely to come out by itself. Avoid using cotton buds as this will push any wax further in and against the eardrum and you also risk perforating the ear drum, leading to long term damage and hearing loss. It is best to let a trained and insured audiologist first examine your ears and professionally remove the earwax.


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I would most certainly recommend Hafiza as an audiologist who will take whatever time is necessary to assess a hearing problem and then use the same approach to suggest a suitable aid , or other treatment if necessary, to improve the situation. In the last few months Hafiza has spent considerable time and effort to make sure I have the hearing aids which best suit my needs. In all aspects she has been professional, caring and patient, especially when instructing me in how to use the technology associated with modern hearing aids. Hafiza has definitely helped restore hearing confidence for me. Christine Seex
Derek Seex
Derek Seex
I was at PinnaClear to get earing aid for earing loss. I received very satisfactory tests and treatment.
Olumuyiwa Sobande
Olumuyiwa Sobande
Excellent service. Paid to have my ears syringed, but at 1st appointment, Discovered I had an ear infection. Pinnaclear contacted my doctors, and they prescribed antibiotics. Was given no further charge for subsequent appointments to syringe my ears.
James Vickers
James Vickers
I received excellent treatment from Hafiza. She fully explained the issue with my ears and the microsuction procedure, putting me at my ease. It was completely pain free, if rather noisy (like a hoover in your ear), this was explained in advance so no surprises. Booking an appointment online was very easy, you do pay in advance when booking this way, which wasn't a problem just something to be aware of. I would highly recommend this service, very professional.
Samantha Campling
Samantha Campling
Very professional, made a grim experience as easy as it good be. Only issue is getting through on the phone.
Sam Kendrick
Sam Kendrick
She is so friendly and professional
AliReza_ Rh97
AliReza_ Rh97
Very happy with the service at Pinnaclear. Hafiza was absolutely lovely and explained everything clearly before, during and after the treatment. Extremely pleased with the result and can now hear clearly again. Thank you
Tracy Carey
Tracy Carey
Very professional service, I had a lot of ear wax and also a funny sensation in one ear which Hafiza took the time to explain and show me what was going on. Professionally cleaned, my ears and I are very happy 🙂
Raneesha Manoharan
Raneesha Manoharan
Quality seevice, put at ease throughout. Everything explained clear and precise. Happy
colin cross
colin cross
Great service, well explained, well delivered, very pleased with outcome. I would recommend to anyone.
Lee Goulden
Lee Goulden
Earwax Removal Faqs

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Earwax Removal

Microsuction earwax removal is the removal of stubborn earwax using a suction device. The procedure is performed by trained professionals and involves wearing some magnifiers to make it easier to view the wax and eardrum. 

Unlike syringing, softening earwax the same way isn’t necessary. However, it can mean the procedure is more comfortable, particularly if the wax is stuck against the ear canal. 

Ears will naturally withdraw any earwax. If you do not have any pre-existing medical ear conditions you can use a little bit of olive oil to help soften any earwax and clean your ears. If you have earwax that is causing your hearing aid to whistle or cauging you discomfort then it is best to get your ears cleaned professionally.

The current charges at PinnaClear are £50 to £70, depending on the location and whether it is one or both ears that need cleaning. Home visits vary depending on the distance needing to be travelled. 

As with any medical procedure, there are always risks involved. These risks  are minimised  by providing an accurate medical history and booking in with an experienced, fully trained professional. 

The main difference is the level of training and experience. Quite often, the staff at Specsavers are minimally trained as hearcare assistants or hearing aid dispensers and will usually work off a checklist. At PinnaClear, all services are offered by a senior audiologist with several years of NHS and private audiology work. 

Olive oil ear drops can help to soften any ear wax so that it can naturally work its way out. If there is too much earwax or the wax is hard and impacted against the ear drum, the olive oil will soften the wax and help with professional microsuction ear wax removal.

The skin inside our ears is very sensitive and cotton buds peel away at the protective layer in our ears. If there is wax it can become impacted as you push wax deeper against the ear drum. This can reduce your hearing and cause pressure inside your ears. 

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