Earplugs for sleeping

If you answer yes, then it is likely that you are getting less than the daily seven to nine hours of recommended sleep.

Why do we need sleep?

There are changes in our breathing, heart rate, muscles and brain activity as we sleep and our bodies go into restorative mode. Therefore, sleep is crucial for overall health and wellbeing. We all know the sluggish feeling with a lack of sleep all too well and regular poor sleep can significantly reduce your concentration and quality of life.
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What can you do to improve sleep in a noisy environment?

One good option is by using earplugs for sleeping. These type of earplugs block out environmental noise allowing you a restful night’s sleep.

Regain a good night’s sleep with some custom earplugs for sleeping.

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An alternative to custom earplugs for sleeping are ER21 series or ACS Pro silicone models. They will also dampen environmental sounds for better sleep. As these are universal and not custom made they may not be as comfortable or last as long as custom earplugs.

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