Ear protection specifically designed for club goers. Still hear the music but with the knowledge that your ears are protected with earplugs for concerts.

Protect and Prevent.

If you are regularly in loud venues there is a risk of noise induced hearing loss.

Why earplugs?


Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is usually one of the first signs of hearing deterioration. By protecting your ears from repeated noise exposure you will prevent hearing loss in the long term and reduce the risk of tinnitus.


Universal earplugs such as the ACS Pacato 16 or ACS Pacato 19 provide a reduction in harmful sounds by 16 or 19 decibels (dB), respectively. The Etymotic ER20s in standard or large size are also available. These reduce the sound a little more by 20dB . If you want something more custom and longer-lasting, then the NoiseBarrier will give you added comfort but with safer listening levels. The NoiseBarrier requires impressions of your ears to be taken.



If you feel your hearing has been affected you can book a hearing assessment .