Our balance system is quite complex, therefore, any dizziness or vertigo can be multifactorial. For some people balance problems or vertigo is linked to the inner ear (peripheral dizziness) and for others, it may be linked to problems in the central pathway, leading up to the brain (central dizziness). That is why it is important to obtain an accurate and thorough history which can then be backed up with tests if required.

Without realising it, our bodies work quite hard in order to remain balanced. Our eyes are connected to our ears with something called the vestibulo-ocular reflex. This allows us to focus and stabilise an image when we turn our heads. We also have balance organs in our ears, which sends information to our brains to tell us when we are making certain movements. Imagine your ears working like the wings on an aeroplane. All of this information needs to pair up with our muscles, spine and movement and what is sent to our brains. If one or more of the signals are impaired or broken, it can cause us to feel dizzy.

Common Balance Conditions Include:

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This type of dizziness usually presents as you get older or following head trauma. It is a balance condition that affects the semi-circular canals in the inner ear. It is linked to the displacement of crystals of calcium carbonate which moves around or attaches to areas it shouldn’t be. Symptoms include dizziness when you move your head, for example when you roll over in bed or dizziness when hanging up the clothes. This type of dizziness can be tested for and treated easily for most people.

Meniere’s Disease (MD) is a balance condition that usually comes with a warning sign, commonly a fluctuating low frequency hearing loss and tinnitus. You may also feel a pressure sensation in the ear before you are about to feel dizzy. Episodes of dizziness can occur regularly during the acute phase and then usually burns out leaving you with a permanent hearing loss on one side. Management in the form of rehabilitation exercises can be beneficial.

Migraine associated vertigo (MAV) can present itself with similar symptoms as Meniere’s (MD) and can present without any headaches. Rehabilitation exercises may be beneficial for MAV.

Acoustic Neuroma is a benign tumour that grows on the eighth cranial nerve. It is a slow-growing tumour and quite often just monitored for growth. For some people, it can result in dizziness. Other symptoms include an asymmetric hearing loss (hearing loss that is worse on one side or a sudden change in hearing) often accompanied by unilateral tinnitus. Some patients can benefit from rehabilitation exercises.

Labyrinthitis and Neuritis are types of vertigo caused by a viral infection. You may experience sudden dizziness and if you have labyrinthitis, the hearing can be affected too. Rehabilitation following this type of dizziness is usually beneficial.

There are many other conditions that can also make you feel dizzy such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis, anaemia, thyroid problems and also anxiety.

If you feel that you can identify with some of these symptoms, get in see how we can help.


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My consultation and resulting micro suction procedure in both ears was both a revelation and a huge relief! I had a camera in each ear which meant I was able to see (via laptop) the inside of my ears and where the wax build up was, so by the time the procedure began I knew exactly what was about to happen. In my case it wasn’t just a question of wax in my ears but the shape of my ear canals and the discrepancy between thickness of my ear drums! Most enlightening and professional.. I will certainly be keeping on top of my ear health now! Thank you Hafiza!

Y. Ellis

Music producer and audio engineer

I was reviewed by Hafiza from Pinnaclear in a thorough, excellent and professional manner. The procedure I needed was microsuctioning which wax explained to me in a detailed and reassuring way and the action itself felt gentle and tolerable. Not used to being in the 'patient role' the experience overall was positive and I would be happy to return and recommend Pinnaclear to others-thank you Hafiza!

Doreen O' Hara

Interior Designer (part time nurse)

In my line of work sound is obviously a big part of it but I needed a custom solution to help protect my ears. Thanks to the knowledge at Pinnaclear I have the best ear protection for me all at a great price. A must for anyone in my line of work.


Sound Engineer

Superb service as Hafiza came to my home and arranged everything around me. Makes life so much easier, why can't everything health related be so simple. A big thank you from me.

Brian C


Thanks to the excellent service Hafiza provides I now have the perfect ear procection for all types of events no matter how loud the music gets!

Samantha M



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