Protect and Prevent.

The noise from tools at work can reach damaging levels.
Are you straining to hear conversation? Your tools may be affecting your hearing.

Hearing starts to deteriorate with age at around fifty, mainly affecting the high frequencies. This process can be accelerated with noise exposure from dental equipment such as drills. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is usually the first sign of deterioration. With repeated noise exposure the hair cells in the cochlea part of the ear are damaged, resulting in hearing loss. This damage is irreversible.

Are you experiencing tinnitus? If so, it might not be too late to take action and preserve your hearing with some custom ear protection.

Custom dental earplugs and dental therapists/hygienists

Why earplugs?

 By protecting your ears from repeated noise exposure you will prevent hearing loss in the long term. 

Universal earplugs such as the ACS Pacato 16 or ACS Pacato 19 provide a reduction in harmful sounds by 16 or 19 decibels (dB), respectively. The Etymotic ER20s in standard or large size are also available. These reduce the sound a little more by 20dB. If you want something more custom and longer-lasting, then the NoiseBarrier will give you added comfort but with safer listening levels. The NoiseBarrier requires impressions of your ears to be taken.

If you feel your hearing has been affected you can book a hearing assessment.

Other services that may interest you:

Microsuction Earwax Removal

Old skin and lubricating oil naturally form the wax in your ears. For some people ear wax can become impacted and cause ear pain. Ear wax can also cause hearing aids to whistle. Let a fully trained audiologist safely and professionally clear any problematic ear wax.


Tinnitus is the perception of sound in your ears, commonly ringing, without an external sound source. Do you feel as though your tinnitus is preventing you from leading a fulfilling life? We can help.
ear syringing