June 2018

Jaw Pain or Temporomandibular Disorder. Jaw pain or temporomandibular disorder (TMD) can be caused by several factors. Booking an assessment with your dentist is a good place to start, particularly if it is a longstanding issue. For some people the pain is temporary and using over the counter pain relief can easily alleviate the problem. For others, the dentist may decide that a mouth guard or bite splint is required, especially if you are grinding your teeth at night. A hot or cold press, again on the advice of a physiotherapist or your dentist may be an option. There are links to stress and tension in the jaw and subsequently, it may also be necessary to perform gentle mouth and jaw exercises. Click here for some gentle jaw exercises. However, there is an alternative to mouth guards called Cerezen. Cerezen devices fit neatly

What is ear syringing? Ear syringing is a method of ear wax removal using a syringe of water to dispel any wax from the ear. Irrigation is similar as it also requires water, however, it is performed under a controlled pressure. Ear syringing is available in GP surgeries and is usually performed by the nurse. [caption id="attachment_6202" align="alignleft" width="325"] Impacted ear wax requiring professional removal. This amount of wax would be difficult to remove with ear syringing and would require microsuction instead. Image taken using video otoscopy ear examination.[/caption] Are there any risks with ear syringing? Ear syringing involves using water so there is an increased risk of infections particularly if you are prone to ear infections. For this reason it is also unsuitable for anyone with a perforated ear drum. There is more of a risk of perforating the ear drum as it

Ear Wax Removal-Is it necessary? First, let's start with understanding that ear wax is normal, it is simply a collection of natural oil, dust from our environment, and dead skin, which eventually works its way outwards. So there really isn't a need for those cotton buds. By using a cotton bud you are really just pushing the ear wax further down the ear canal and increasing the chances of it becoming impacted. The last thing you want is a perforated ear drum-yes, it does and can happen. "So how do I relieve that itch?", I hear you say. If there are no pre-existing medical conditions then you can purchase some olive oil ear drops from your local pharmacy. The olive oil will help to relieve any itching and also help draw any wax outwards. If any ear wax is impacted, the olive oil will soften