What causes age related hearing loss?

Age Related hearing Loss

What causes age related hearing loss?

How does hearing loss affect us as we get older?

Just as your sight naturally deteriorates, so does your hearing and age related hearing loss kicks in at around fifty years old, affecting the high frequencies of hearing first. It is quite easy to think that your hearing is OK for a lot longer than it is and here’s why:-

  1. Your hearing deteriorates relatively slowly over time.
  2. You make small changes, for example, you start turning the television up.
  3. Maybe you are leaning in to hear what’s being said.
  4. You may also start reading facial expressions more.

It is quite common for family and friends to notice you have a hearing loss first. Remember, if you are turning the TV up and they have normal hearing, they will start to see the signs. They may also have to start raising their voice in order for you to hear better. Actions like these make it easier for you to ‘ignore’ that you do have an age related hearing loss. Having a hearing loss can also be quite tiring especially if you are having to focus on what is being said. You might find that in the evening you are tired and find it harder to hear. For some people this can result in headaches. If this is paired with a significant sight problem the difficulty can make communication even harder. 

Are hearing aids for me?

We are all living longer, so it is inevitable that we will need assistance. Remember, age related hearing loss and getting hearing aids doesn’t have to be a scary process. Hearing aids are advancing and all conventional hearing aids are digital now, regardless of the size.

Should I go to the NHS?

The NHS do provide hearing aids and audiologists that work for PinnaClear have experience working for the NHS. We can advise you on alternative hearing aid options that are not available on the NHS  and spend more time tailoring the service to you within a private comfortable setting. There are a range of different sizes and colours to choose from. You could choose a rechargeable battery or a hearing aid that can notify you when you have an email or let you know when your phone is ringing. There is a whole range of fantastic options available in the private sector, get in touch today and you can always be assured that you will receive a high standard of care.

Overview on age related hearing loss indicators:

Hearing Loss Indicators

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