Deaf Awareness-Six Great Communication Tips

Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness-Six Great Communication Tips

Hearing Loss and Deaf Awareness

People often believe that a person with hearing aids should be able to hear just the same as someone with normal hearing and can get frustrated when they can’t hear, Hearing aid performance can depend on a number of different factors, the main one being the degree of hearing loss. Here are some ways you can communicate a little better with those around you that have  hearing difficulties.

Six Great Communication Tactics

Speak clearly.

It might take someone with a hearing loss a little while longer to process what you are saying, this doesn’t mean they don’t understand or you need to talk very slowly, but enunciating clearly can make it better for the listener to follow the conversation.

Don’t cover your mouth.

People with hearing loss will focus on the movement of your lips to help fill in the gaps so avoid covering your mouth or chewing gum while you are talking.

Lighting helps.

Making sure you sit somewhere with good lighting e.g. in a restaurant can make it easier for the listener to follow facial cues.

Get attention first.

If the listener is aware that you are talking to them, they have a head start when it comes to following the coversation, particularly if you are in a noisy environment or the listener is pre-occupied e.g. watching the TV.

Talk face to face.

By being face to face the listener can follow facial cues and expressions much easier. Remember the further away you are from the listener, the harder it becomes for the listener.

Be patient.

This one is important, try to remain patient as you may need to repeat what is being said, particularly in noisy environments.

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Hearing loss and communication tips

Six Communication Tips.

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