May 2018

Get that festival glitter out, those wellington boots packed and your costumes ready, festival season is here for yet another year. Whether it is Glastonbury, V festival, Bestival, Boomtown or Shambala, check out this essential festival packing list and you are well on your way to creating that amazing memory .    The Essential Festival Packing List Tent a good waterproof one is the right idea and if you’ve never set one up before, have a go in your garden or get some tips beforehand Sleeping bag with pillows and blanket you might want an extra blanket, even in the summer it can get pretty cold at night Fleece/jumper for that extra bit of warmth Waterproof jacket we are in the UK after all Socks I don’t know about you, but cold feet are the worst Wellington boots or waterproof boots it

An audiologist's day out in an earmould lab. On the 28th of March I was given the opportunity to visit behind the scenes of the Universal lab based in Stockport. Universal have been making earmoulds since 1966 and have seen the changes from using dental techniques for mould making to the more recent 3D mould making technique. They have a careful process to keep things in order starting with inputting all the orders and highlighting the ones that are priority, ultimately, to keep patients and clients satisfied. Paul, who started off working in dentistry was my very knowledgeable tour  guide for the day. Earmould Making Process 1 We started with observing Steve, who was using coconut shell sized casing in which the ear mould impressions were surrounded with surgical plaster, these are then clamped with a cover to create a pressure over the

This is a story about a mum's journey with her child's hearing loss and cochlear implants. Although PinnaClear don't treat very young children, our aim is to raise awareness of the complex nature of hearing loss and how it affects individuals. To learn more about types of hearing loss click here. Lateef’s Journey. Cochlear Implants and Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder. My son Lateef was born 12 weeks early weighing just 2 lb 8 ozs. He spent the first two months of his life in the neonatal unit. Lateef passed the initial screening test before we went home. It wasn’t long after being home that I realised that Lateef wasn’t responding to sound. He only reacted to toys with lights and never responded to the door slamming or sounds like that. I was so worried that one night I hammered a saucepan with a

How does hearing loss affect us as we get older? Just as your sight naturally deteriorates, so does your hearing and age related hearing loss kicks in at around fifty years old, affecting the high frequencies of hearing first. It is quite easy to think that your hearing is OK for a lot longer than it is and here's why:- Your hearing deteriorates relatively slowly over time. You make small changes, for example, you start turning the television up. Maybe you are leaning in to hear what's being said. You may also start reading facial expressions more. It is quite common for family and friends to notice you have a hearing loss first. Remember, if you are turning the TV up and they have normal hearing, they will start to see the signs. They may also have to start raising their voice

Ten Reported Signs of Hearing Loss Do you think you might be losing your hearing? Or perhaps you've noticed that a loved one is struggling to hear. Hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons such as illness, trauma, medication or natural deterioration. We can probably all relate to walking into a family members house and the TV is blaring. Here are just a few of those things patients with a hearing loss might say.  Here are ten things that might be signs of a hearing loss:   " I  have to ask people to repeat what they are saying" " My daughter says the TV is too loud". " I can't hear the phone or doorbell ringing". "I have to lean in to hear what is being said, especially when there is a lot going on". " I can hear better when

Hearing Loss and Deaf Awareness People often believe that a person with hearing aids should be able to hear just the same as someone with normal hearing and can get frustrated when they can't hear, Hearing aid performance can depend on a number of different factors, the main one being the degree of hearing loss. Here are some ways you can communicate a little better with those around you that have  hearing difficulties. Six Great Communication Tactics Speak clearly. It might take someone with a hearing loss a little while longer to process what you are saying, this doesn't mean they don't understand or you need to talk very slowly, but enunciating clearly can make it better for the listener to follow the conversation. Don't cover your mouth. People with hearing loss will focus on the movement of your lips to help fill in the gaps