A senior audiologist will provide the very best in hearing care. This includes the latest in hearing aid technology. A professional, medical earwax removal service. Behavioural therapy for tinnitus. Personalised balance rehabilitation. Custom ear plugs for musicians', dentists', swimming and sleeping.  


We understand that it may be easier for you to be seen at home. All of our equipment, including that for ear wax removal is portable, so we can come and visit you at a time that suits you. We are also able to fit hearing aids and fine-tune hearing aids remotely. Not sure if we cover your area? Get in touch.


With almost 20 years experience you are in good hands. Finding the right treatment can be confusing so we are here to make things clearer and easier for you. We offer a tailored service at competitive prices and being a small private business we are able to give you completely independent advice.

Hearing Aids

Are you constantly asking people to repeat themselves? Are you struggling to hear in noisy places? Does it seem like everyone is mumbling? A personalised hearing loss treatment plan can get you back on track and enjoying life to the fullest.  Let our senior audiologist advise you on the best hearing technology to suit your needs. 

PinnaClear is a private audiology service that has formed after over ten years in the NHS. We provide the best hearing aids from leading brands.  Each day our mission is to help you hear better.

Earwax Removal

Old skin and lubricating oil naturally form the wax in your ears. For some people earwax can become compacted and cause ear pain, particularly if it is pressing against the eardrum. Ear wax can also cause hearing aids to whistle as the sound can’t get through. Let a fully trained audiologist safely and professionally clear any problematic ear wax using the gold standard: microsuction.


Tinnitus is the perception of sound in your ears, commonly ringing, without an external sound source. Tinnitus is usually a symptom of something else so it is important to rule out any underlying conditions. Do you feel as though your tinnitus is preventing you from leading a fulfilling life? We can help.


Dizziness or vertigo can be related to the ear. Balance conditions include BPPV, Meniere’s disease and Labyrinthitis. A thorough history can indicate the type of balance condition you have and allow us to formulate a personalised rehabilitation plan.

Ear Protection

If you have noticed ringing in your ears after a party, it’s usually an indicator that you have been in a loud environment for too long. If you are regularly exposed to loud noise then it can have detrimental effects on you hearing. This includes regularly attending concerts and gigs.  We can help protect and preserve your hearing for longer by making you some custom ear protection. 

If you struggle to sleep because of a noisy partner. Or want to prevent water from entering your ears when you go swimming or perhaps you have a perforated eardrum. We also have a range of custom ear plugs for better sleep, swimming, dentists and more. 

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