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With experience in the NHS and private sectors spanning 20 years, we have your ear care needs covered. We pride ourselves in being independent so that we can truly cater to your needs. Choose local, choose better.  

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PinnaClear offers a range of Audiology services

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Premium Hearing Aids

Rediscover the joy of clear and vibrant soundscapes with our state-of-the-art hearing aid service. Elevate your auditory experience and reconnect with the world around you like never before.

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Earwax Removal

Experience the ultimate in safe and effective ear care with our microsuction earwax removal service. Our skilled professionals ensure a gentle and precise procedure, leaving you with restored clarity and comfort in no time.

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Tinnitus Rehabilitation

Embark on a journey towards tinnitus relief and improved quality of life through our comprehensive rehabilitation service. Our tailored approach combines cutting-edge therapies and expert guidance to help you manage tinnitus and regain a sense of tranquility.

Custom Ear protection made in Manchester


Discover unparalleled comfort and protection with our custom earplug service. Crafted to fit your unique contours, our earplugs offer a seamless blend of superior noise reduction and lasting wearability for various activities.

Ear anatomy and balance rehabilitation

Balance rehabiliation

Our specialised exercises and therapies, guided by experienced professionals, are designed to enhance stability and help you step confidently towards a more balanced life.

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Experience the convenience of a diverse range of high-quality products right at your fingertips through our online shop.

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Embrace the freedom of choice and personalised care with our independent audiology services. Unlike larger chains, we focus solely on your unique needs, ensuring unbiased recommendations and tailored solutions that truly suit you. Experience the warmth of individualised attention, top-tier expertise, and a commitment to your well-being, making your journey to optimal hearing health a seamless and satisfying one.

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PinnaClear is run by an independent hearing specialist. No targets. No pressure. Just person centred care. Each day, our mission is to help you hear better.

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An PinnaClear we aim to provide an audiology service that offers a personalised and holistic approach to hearing health. We combine cutting-edge technology with experienced professionals to provide accurate assessments, tailored treatment plans, and high-quality hearing aids. This service focuses on improving communication, enhancing overall well-being, and empowering individuals to fully engage in their daily lives with optimal hearing clarity.

I was reviewed by Hafiza from Pinnaclear in a thorough, excellent and professional manner. The procedure I needed was microsuctioning which was explained to me in a detailed and reassuring way and the action itself felt gentle and tolerable. Not used to being in the ‘patient role’ the experience overall was positive and I would be happy to return and recommend Pinnaclear to others-thank you Hafiza!

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Doreen O'Hara

microsuction Patient


The Most Frequently Asked Questions to audiologists

Here are some answers to questions that are commonly asked in audiology clinics.

Ringing in ears (or head) is also known as tinnitus. This is a sound that usually occurs inside, without an external sound source. Tinnitus can occur for a number of reasons but the most common reason people experience tinnitus is due to reduced hearing levels. The first step would be to arrange a hearing assessment. 

Unlike syringing, most people don't need soft wax for microsuction earwax removal to be successful. However, using a softening agent such as olive oil can mean a quicker and more comfortable microsuction earwax removal procedure. 

Patients usually report difficulty in hearing conversation, particularly in busy social settings. Quite often, family and friends notice hearing difficulties first. If you feel your hearing is deteriorating, then a hearing assessment will indicate the degree of hearing loss. The audiologist will then advise on the best treatment plan for you. 

Hearing aids have advanced massively over the years; they are available in a range of colours and sizes. The type suitable for you will depend on a number of factors such as the shape of your ear canal and the degree of hearing loss.

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